ljubljana, capital of slovenia and greenest city in Europe

Many of us live in cities, and quite a few of us even like to live in cities. In fact, we are now at a place in the world where more humans live in cities than outside them. These hives of activity can be super polluting, but also hold the best hope at being places where humans can live healthy, natural lives and minimize our environmental footprint. In this course we will work on making such a city, with digital and analog tools.

Trees are all around us, and despite their importance we tend to ignore them. This course aims at bringing trees back into the forefront. It will help the students understand the structure and function of trees, while creating amazing artwork using tree materials and related to trees. 

If you're looking for a way to make a difference for this planet, start with students in Green Studies and their mission to eat more plants. We will explore different global issues, and discover that making simple changes to our diets allows us to eat more sustainably for a healthier world. For a healthier Pak Driver too!

This course is all about exploring the jungle around Green School, and finding a lot of cool stuff. We stop when we are tired, drink when thirsty, but our eyes never stop finding the amazing assortment of things nature churns up. Each day we will also have a chance to take a closer look through stereoscopes at our specimens, or have a conversation about the neat things we discovered in nature. 

As a way to look at sustainability, we will be working on a playable card game that emulates population dynamics in this class. We will look at the different inputs into what may make or break our planet, and find ways to strategize how they can best be played out in a game over 40 minutes.